Friday, May 4, 2012

My 2 Sac's: A Tale About 2 Coins and Grading Services

Here's a story about 2 coins not that different
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A few years ago I decided to bust open a 2005 S Proof set myself.  I had renewed my PCGS Membership and so I had 8 free submissions free to PCGS which we know free is a real good deal for coin grading services.  I got the idea to bust open a proof set in hopes of the elusive 70 grade (which stands for a perfect coin) especially by PCGS.
My first submission almost angered me when they sent back some 1800 gold they were in holders but said Genuine Not you mean I have seen vf gold coins that are nothing close to the beauty of some of these coins.  Anyway  **.92 I had inherited the coins but never cleaned them.
I was after the elusive 70 from PCGS.  When I got my 2005 S Sacagawea back it came back with a grade of PR68DCAM I thought wow, I had examined it under magnification before I decided which proof set to bust open.  Looks like someone has done the same I bought 3 ramdom PCGS graded coins off ebay for 18$ each I got a 94 S silver Rosie PR69DCAM, a nice Penny S Mint Mark PR69DCAM, and then the 2nd Sacagawea you see posted above in the picture also a PR69DCAM...anyway here are pics of mostly my first one I sent off I busted out of the proof set myself.  This might be a good read for new collectors that are new to grading services, they are not all equal.  Take care and I hope you enjoy.   Let me ask one more thing below

IS a 70 attainable by the common collector?

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My Lovely 3 Ladies of Liberty

I got these for about $22 each back in 2009, I like them.  I wish I had a 70, anyone have a 70, I actually got the from a deal on the back of the NRA magazine that they send out monthly to NRA members. The deal was supposed to be 1 per household and then the guy tried to get you to invest in a prtofolio of graded coins for your retirement.  I didn't go for his deals on the phone but, I did go for the 3 NGC MS69 Early Releases for 21.95 I think was the price.  I figured it was worth the silver and the grade for free.

  Always be on the lookout for good deals and scams, I was afraid I would have got scammed if I went with whatever he was trying to sell but I made out ok for a collector I think.  I love my 3 Ladies of Liberty!

L:INKS:10oz Academy bar and 1 Oz 2003 Hanukkah Silver For the Acadademy .999 Silver 10 Oz. "Chunky" bar and here is another for a single 2003 Hanukkah 1 Oz round from, taking offers. 

Lets hope I don't get in trouble for above.  I took it, I own the coin. :P

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty Ugly Pretty Academy "Chunky" Bar

Hi all,
This is an an Academy fine .999 silver "chunky" bar purchased back in 1999.  I saw some for sell on ebay and they had certain lot #'s etc.  I have no idea how to tell or which this is.  I know I bought it from Scottsdale Silvers website and thought it looked neat the way it looks like something you would get if you melted down a bunch of old mercury dimes or rosies and poured them into mold you made yourself.  

This makes me wonder something too, does anyone know the melting point of .9000 silver (aka rosies and mercs) I know what it is for silver but I am now curious how much the other 10% changes it.  Anyway if anyone knows let me know....other than that this is a pretty ugly pretty 10 ounces of silver. :-)

BTW  its probably for sell if you're interested :P

Friday, April 27, 2012

1974 Constitution Mint Silver

Hello All

Here is a nice round that I purchased off of eBay, it is from 1974.  The seller was very quick and is friendly a communicates well.  I think I have almost got on his nerves so I figured I would give him a mention. This is his ebay store Below are pictures of my new Ounce and here is the auction it came  from . I would recommend him as a Top and Favorite seller Anyway I wanted to give Bill a mention and show off the new shiny 1974 silver.  

1953 NGC PF68 Cameo Nickel

Here is my 1953 NGC PF68 Cameo it's getting ready go up on eBay.  I bought this coin raw at a pawn shop and had it graded a couple years ago, last I looked only 14 were graded higher so it is a valuable coin to some collectors.  If I was going to keep it I would probably get it sent back in and put in a new holder this one has some scratches but of course the coin is beautiful and the pictures don't do justice.  You might would even get a FS (Full Steps) attribute if you sent it in the back of Monticello is detailed.  I know there use to be 2 others same grade for sell asking over 500$ for the same grade and coin.  Anyway I will link my eBay once I get it up in case anyone is interested or hit me up I'm willing to sell it alot cheaper than some others since I do not have as much invested in it.  Like I said please ignore any scratches as they are the case.  

EDIT: Its for sale or trade, I will negotiate let me know if you have questions or you are interested, that ebay price is placed high since I'm taking offers....Thanks for looking :-) Click the link below to see more.

 I still couldn't get a real good picture like I wanted,  the battery is dead in the camera at the  moment so I'll proabably try to get a few more or hope I can find my scan of it

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Combing accounts

I hope I'm not causing too much trouble just combined my blogger account with my JD Coins Google + so hopefully no duplicates.  I was accidentally redirecting my own URL to nowhere but all seems good nowand its coming here....trying the blogger auto publish feature to Google+ so lets see.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1901 New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar

Here is an extra I found while going through the morgan collection, this is related to the other blog post here or here please let me know if the links are bad this is from the phone.  

My question is should I sell coins just for a dime to complete a collection?

The 1916 D Mercury Dime

I've been spending alot of time lately doing inventory and trying to save old coins in old whitman books and trying to complete any collections that are within my means and realistic.  I have a dansco full of franklins, rosies, but when I went to see what I lacked to complete at one complete set of mercury dimes the missing coin was a 1916D.
Wow I took a quick glance on ebay and realized this will not be easy especially if I want one where she looks decent.   Anyway if anyone has one laying around extra that you would let go of for a poor boy price hit me up so I can complete my set.
MillionI haven't looked on any of the sites for an idea of how many exist but only a quarter of  million were minted (264,000). Below is a picure of the lonely spot, that I am sure looks like many albums, that is a curious thought of how many out there look like this, ha, some ugly ones out there too asking premium.   Is it worth selling a bunch of morgans just to aquire this one dime?   Til next time take care.