Monday, February 27, 2012

Uploading images on blogger seem lacking or I fail

*****WHOA EDIT****** Originally below is what I was doing now I will put my edit under the picture, as you can tell I need tools and help too.

I'm putting this pic on here so I can get the pic later to sell, if any one that reads this you can have it free for shipping, or trade me a coin or computer security book etc.  it's free if you want it, doubt anyone buys it on ebay

OK I uploaded this picture to uoload to ebay later and thought this would be a good temp spot to stash it and get rid of it later since nobody reads this I don't rally think.  Then I realized on blogger you can't even rotate it all you can do is make is small, med lg or XL, just thought odd, have to pull out the editor now.   What is some good blogger software to use that integrates good with twitter, google plus, facebook, ebay?  etc.   Anyway jabbered too much if anyone wants the book just let me know, pay shipping it is yours unless you got something cool to trade youthink I might would like......anyway back to cleaning house. :-)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Gold 3$ Indian Princess coin (1888) 1854-1889

Its been a while I've been trying to get things organized and messing with the coins and ran across one of these.  I am thinking of getting rid of it.  Thought about selling it on ebay, it was on there a year or 2 ago but didn't sell.  Its a raw coin not graded by PCGS or NGC. It's pretty, I haven't made my mind up though.  I will post some pics of my 1888 Indian Princess gold the pic below is one I got of a PCGS MS64 off the coinfacts site.  I was in a hurry and like taking time when I take photo's of my coins, I scanned a bunch of my graded ones the other day I need to go through.  Anyway Is it not pretty?  

Since the spot price of gold has went up so much on the markets check out the prices of Indian princess gold coins from the years 1854 to 1889.  Remember this is a 5 gram coin, in between a fractional gold eagle 1/10th oz and 1/4th oz.  A couple weeks ago an AU 55 sold for $1,495 at the 2012 US Coins Signature Auction in Long Beach February 2-5.  Here are the prices from the PCGS price page for the various grades and years.  

Enjoy til next time with a real picture. :-)