Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kicker HP350 Crossover Pics

I did a google image  search and didn't see too many at all.  I saw some used in installs so here is a pair to be saved in the archives of the internet and hopefully installed by someone soon that will enjoy them as well.  They are old school.  

Coinflation's ebay ad

It really works, saw my aution 3 pages in, thanks, wish I had that :-)

ugly picture for my ebay auction

OK this is ugly and needs edited yuck.

Half-Dimes and Dimes : Liberty Seated Half Dime

New Ebay item and no Adsense

I put a new item up, still learning, Turbo Lister, made me pay an extra .15$ Adsense isn't showing up here yet.  I only put another Silver dime up, but I had 19 hits top this blogger page yesterday,  85 total, probably all me,  My goal is to try to keep getting visitors to see if this is worth my time.  Anyway check out my auctions or any articles I will be posting in the future.  Sites may change as well so I can have a full site with full control over it.   Enjoy until next time.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Please wait up to 48 hours for your new account to be reviewed before ads are displayed on your blog. Learn more    Hope it isn't too annoying, first time I tried AdSense
It works now http://www.jdcoins.info now goes to this place.  I might change it but I have subdomains. :-)

btw they offer good service http://www.1and1.com/?affiliate_id=337523

They say 10 minutes

http://www.jdcoins.info should be point back here soon, not sure it will stay pointed at this blog site but we will see :-) And a new test fot the google and ebay.com hits, this blog has not had any but I will report back later, while waiting you can check this site site and after this one check this one out http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140686275773 

Anyway c ya :-)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just bought a domain name http://jdcoins.info it should be replicated before long.  real good deals right now on .info for the first year.

Coin Hoards

Coin Hoards
Taken from the link above

July 29, 2009

The term 'coin hoard' conjures up images of piles of coins buried somewhere in the Spanish Main by buccaneers ready to be collected on their return to England or Port of Spain. In reality coin hoards are far more mundane but they still stir the imagination of coin collectors because of the provenance they lend a coin and the possibility of getting a coin that has been 'untouched' for years and is new onto the market. In the USA coin hoards, while not common, are far more prominent in the market than here in Australia. There are many well known US coin hoards such as the Binion Hoardthe Redfield Hoard, and the Mid-West Mega Hoard. These hoards contains thousands, tens of thousands, and in the case of the Mid West Mega Hoard, millions of coins. The mystique associated with these hoards has even lead to the major third party grading companies noting the provenance of coins from major hoards on their coin holders.
Coin hoards in Australia are not so common as elsewhere, but they do occur. There are two well known hoards that I know of, and I am sure there are many more. The first is the Reserve Bank 'hoard' (or collection or accumulation). In 2005 the Reserve Bank of Australia decided that the reasons for maintaining a physical stock of gold had passed, and liquidated 5,850 Australian Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Adelaide Pounds, and some foreign gold coins. These were auctioned by Downies and caused a major influx of coins into the market. Another well known hoard is the 'Vienna Hoard' of the late 1980's. Many rolls of Australian florins and shillings struck in the mid 1940's were hoarded by an Austrian immigrant jeweller prior to the debasement of silver coinage to 50% silver. More than 5000 uncirculated silver coins were released onto the market from this hoard in the late 80's by a major Australian coin dealer.
Coin hoards can have an interesting effect on the coin collecting market and hobby. For example, when the US Federal Reserve disposed of millions of uncirculated Morgain and Peace dollars in the 1960's it single handedly spawned an explosion in the interest in coin collecting in the USA. Other hoards can have a significant impact on the value of existing coins on the market. For example, in 1984 only 13 Athenian Decadrachms were known to exist, however in that same year a hoard of 14 of the same type were recovered in an archaelogical dig. They were in superior condition to the already known examples and instantly devalued the coins already held by collectors. A less well known hoard (or perhaps accumulation) of Australian coins were gathered by an Australian collector who collected items from 1912, including a large number of high grade 1912 3d's. When these entered the market they immediately increased the supply of high grade coins of the type rendering catalogue values irrelevent.
One last note, and perhaps a controversial one, is a warning to the collector about the marketing techniques used by some coin dealers. Playing on the romance and mystique behind the term 'hoard' some dealers are forever discovering 'hoards'. Even if these hoards are in their very own (clearly overstocked) coin vaults! Beware of being taken in by such marketing, often items in these so called 'hoards' are available elsewhere and at a lower cost. As always do your research.

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Google Anylytics

OK I have that going now I do not have Adsense set up though.  I was trying to make my footer look nice with my info and an Afilliate link where I host and buy domain names at, but when I tried to add the domain name link also it got messed up as you can see.  I will try to work on it tomorrow perhaps and get Adsense set up and a real domain name bought from 1and1.com if anyone knows anyplace cheaper for registering domain names let me know here Domain Name Specials at 1&1 you can see prices that I normally pay on this link to their site to compare with whoever you use.  I'll go ahead and throw a hosting banner on here in case you want to compare hosting prices as well, if you know of someplace cheaper but still good service please contact me.  Thanks!

I didn't check on my ebay auction today to see how many hits it got over the last 24 hours. we will see perhaps tomorrow.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ebay Dime For Sale

I decided to put a 1946 Roosevelt Dime up on Ebay.  Last time I tried selling my results weren't at the top.  Here it is http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140686275773 I used a dime to see if I could improve my search and ebay rank.  I haven't went crazy with Schema's, sitemap meta everything, seo magic, trickery or anything like that for ebay or google searching like I know the hardcore sellers do.  Maybe this blogger.com site will help it get put on google and then others sites etc a little more than the regular old ebay search.  I did use a mention http://www.coinflation.com/  on coinflations site in my auction tonight to see if that helped they have an ebay ad displaying auctions.  I will talk about them another day and tell that story....

Friday, January 20, 2012

a coin .925 silver

not even .999 maybe it will get on ebay I have one with Texas on it too.

Oh yea ;-P  I threw a 1946 dime up on ebay tonight, I'm a little curious how it works out.....used turbo lister for first time and aacidently paid an extra 15 cents.  I know they have the test auction area but I would rather test in Coins & Paper Money > Coins: US > Dimes > Roosevelt (1946-Now) > 1946-64